osteo treatment in pregnancy Victoria Wellness osteo Richmond Carlton pre natal

Pregnancy Osteopathy

Wellness Osteo offers osteopathic treatment for pre- and post-natal mums with manual therapy techniques, ergonomic education, and home rehab exercises

Osteopathic treatment for pregnancy

pelvic and back pain in pregnancy osteo treatment Victoria Wellness osteo Richmond Carlton
Pregnancy Osteo


At Wellness Osteo, we have a special interest in assisting you as your body undergoes an incredible change during pregnancy. Our osteopaths carefully select gentle treatment techniques to encourage flexibility, improve stability, decrease pain and assist in healing. These techniques include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, strength-based rehabilitation, taping, and in some cases dry needling.


In addition to this, we can help educate you on activity modifications to help ease your pain during pregnancy. This may include advice about posture and activities of daily living, warm-ups, braces and ergonomic advice or referral to other pregnancy specialists.

Post-pregnancy Osteo

osteo treatment in pregnancy Victoria Wellness osteo Richmond Carlton pre natal
Manual therapy techniques include:

We commonly treat women in their post-natal period. Pain arising from breastfeeding postures, birth trauma, repetitive activities, and altered sleep are common in the first few months after giving birth. These conditions include



In addition to manual therapy, we also provide advice on common “new mum ergonomics” such as lifting techniques (cots, cars, and prams can all pose difficulties for new mums) or breastfeeding and bottle-feeding posture.

Our at-home rehabilitation exercises are delivered via video app, we keep in mind your busy schedule and design a program that’s simple and easy to achieve focusing on basic strength and mobility exercises. We can also set you up to have regular reminders on the app to maintain your new rehabilitation schedule and have handy stretches printed for you to add to the fridge as a gentle reminder to keep looking after yourself.


Being a new mum is such a special time, which is why we love treating new mums, we want to help you to be pain free and enjoy this special time with your baby.


We’re also very happy to have your new addition join the consult if you need to, while most new mums will enjoy the peace and quiet of a consultation, we understand that that’s not always achievable and will happily accommodate a tiny audience where needed.