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How to choose a pregnancy pillow

How to choose a pregnancy pillow 


Pregnancy is such an exciting time, it’s also quite often full of aches and pains. Getting enough sleep becomes even more important during pregnancy.  But between insomnia, frequent urination, and body aches and pains sleep can become increasingly difficult. 

One questions I get asked more than most from my pregnant clients is what pillow they should be using, and my answer is always different depending on your needs and current sleeping arrangement. Below are some things to consider when purchasing a pregnancy pillow. 


Butterfly / wedge shaped pregnancy pillows

These are designed to fill the space between your new bump and the mattress, they can also be wedged behind you to prevent rolling. These can be useful in the mid stages of pregnancy but become less helpful as your pregnancy progresses. 


  • Abdominal heaviness or dragging when side lying 
  • Rolling onto back while asleep 


Horseshoe / U-shaped pregnancy pillows

These body sized pillows are designed to lay along the length of the body when side lying. They are great at managing hip and lower back pain as they reduce the rotation through your lower body and provide support for the legs. They are, however, often designed to also replace your normal pillow for your head. Frequently the material for a pregnancy pillow isn’t supportive enough for your head and you may prefer a pillow that still allows you to use your normal pillow if you were already side sleeping previously. 


Other considerations when choosing a pregnancy pillow


Material – Pregnancy pillows are often made of polyester and can become particularly hot overnight, this plus pregnancy hormones can result in a very uncomfortable night sleep. Where possible try to find foam filled pillows with breathable cases such as cotton or bamboo. 

Size  – if you intend to rest your leg on the body of the pillow make sure it’s high enough to keep your hip and knee aligned otherwise you may need to prop this up with a small cushion or rolled up towel. 

Cover – if you plan on using this for breastfeeding or even over the summer months you’re going to want one that come with a removable washable cover, even better if you can purchase a spare cover as well.