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Snapping Hip Syndrome

What is snapping hip syndrome?

Does your hip snap, crack or pop when lifting your leg up, when going up stairs or when getting out of the car?


This is commonly referred to as snapping hip syndrome and may or may not be painful.


This can be caused by either the iliopsoas (hip flexor) or the IT band sliding over a bony prominences in the hip.


This muscle sliding over bone is usually quite normal, but can become a problem if it becomes painful. If it is painful, seek help from a health professional like an Osteopath.

There are 3 types of hip snapping:
1. Internal
2. External
3. Intra articular


Internal snapping hip

iliopsoas tendon (hip flexor) flicks over the anterior superior iliac spine (bony prominence in the front of your hip). This can cause pain in the medial-anterior part of your hip (front and to the middle). 


External snapping hip

The ITB or Glute Max tendons flick over the greater trochanter (outside of your hip, where your femur/leg bone meets your hip). This can cause lateral hip pain (outside of your hip).


Intra articular snapping hip 

Loose bodies in the joint that flick over structures. Pain can be in random areas and can change position within your hip. This can be caused by labral tears or fractures, and these loose bodies usually need surgical removal (arthroscopy) if they cause pain.


Treatment for snapping hip syndrome

Treatment for snapping hip syndrome can include manual therapy to help align your hips better and to allow for more smooth and painless movements, and specific exercise rehabilitation to strengthen the certain muscles that may not be moving as efficiently as they need to be and therefore creating the snapping sensation.