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Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain refers to pain that persists for 3 or more months or beyond normal tissue healing time frames. It can be debilitating, affecting mental health and a person’s ability to work and participate in social activities. Unlike acute pain (which is the pain we feel at the onset of an injury), chronic pain continues long after you recover from an injury or illness. Sometimes it even happens for no obvious reason.

Chronic pain can come in many different forms and appear across your body. Common types of chronic pain include:


What causes chronic pain?

Chronic pain seems to stem from nerve signals getting confused. Nerves carry pain signals to let our brains know something is wrong. However, sometimes the nervous system can get stuck in the pattern of relaying this signal even if the issue has been resolved. It’s as if the nervous system becomes ‘hard wired’ to remember the pain, or the nerves are particularly sensitive to any stimulus that might cause pain. This results in prolonged feelings of pain and/or an increase in the severity of the experience of pain. Other factors can then prolong this pattern including psychosocial influences, personal history of injury/trauma, genetics, and environmental factors. 


How is chronic pain treated?

Chronic pain can really wear you down, causing not just physical symptoms, but also affecting mood and mental health. It’s important to address chronic pain from all angles. This includes:


  • Consulting your healthcare practitioners
  • Engaging in helpful manual therapy
  • Engaging in regular exercise – consider swimming, cycling, walking, or tai chi
  • Getting psychological support (either with a practitioner or via online resources)
  • Activity pacing – ensure you don’t fatigue yourself
  • Regular relaxation and mindfulness practice
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Medications are sometimes useful depending on your situation – always consult a healthcare professional about this


Additional online support is available too:




Call the Pain Link helpline 1300 340 357