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Moving on from Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects 540 million people globally at any one time and is currently the leading cause of disability worldwide. Lower back pain has more recently been described as symptom rather than a disease, it relates to pain anywhere from the lower border of the ribs to the creases of the buttocks and is often associated with pain that refers to the legs. For most cases of lower back pain an exact source of pain cannot be identified, and it is therefor classified as “non-specific lower back pain”.

Health professionals are starting to change the way they manage lower back pain, now focusing their treatments on self-management, physical therapy, psychological therapies, and complementary medicine. The use of medications and surgery is now reserved for much more complex case. In addition to this several guidelines for lower back pain endorse the use of

  • Exercise

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Spinal manipulation

So, with that in mind here are some tips for using physical activity to assist in managing your lower back pain:  

  • Return to your usual activity – Aim to include 20-30 minutes of usual activities like walking or house hold duties per day. Keep in mind that these activities should not make the pain any worse, increase this time by 5 minutes each week.

  • Keep Mobile – Start incorporating some gentle stretching and mobility exercises to increase your overall flexibility and keep you more active. Some great stretches include hip flexor, gluteal, and lower back.

  • Functional retraining – functional exercises relate to activities you do often, getting out of a chair, work tasks etc. It may be that these tasks are further aggravating your condition therefor it may be beneficial to address these tasks by correcting muscular imbalances

For more information about how to manage your lower back pain book an osteopathy appointment here.