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Tennis Elbow FAQ's


What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylosis refers to inflammation or irritation of the tendons that attach to the outside of the elbow, specifically the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) and or extensor digitorum (ED) common symptoms include:

  • lateral elbow pain

  • pain referring down the back of the forearm

  • pain or loss of grip strength

  • pain or loss of wrist extension



Tennis elbow often occurs because of a new or increased activity that involves repetitive wrist extension. Examples include

  • Tennis or badminton with a new racket or altered surface

  • Unaccustomed gardening or home duties

  • Increased work-related activities

  • Increase Keyboard use

  • Long periods of knitting or sewing


How do Osteopaths treat tennis Elbow?


At Wellness Osteo we take a multifaceted approach when treating tennis elbow, we focus on several factors these include:

  • Control Pain – often this will involve manual therapy including dry needling, joint mobilisation, and taping

  • Encourage Healing – through activity modification, anti-inflammatory measure and rest

  • Improve Grip strength and wrist extension – through graded strength rehabilitation exercises

  • Improve Coordination – through neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises

  • Address any predisposing factors including posture, ergonomics, and neck dysfunction


Do I need to stop training if I have Tennis Elbow?


It will depend on the specific sport you have in mind but often we can offer alternatives while you are recovering. Some rest initially though may be needed to encourage healing and decrease inflammation.



Is golfer’s elbow different from tennis elbow?


Yes, golfers elbow refers to the same condition but it effects the inside of the elbow. The pathological process is essentially the same but the causes will be different. In terms of management we would still have the same focuses as outlined above but the actual exercises would be different.


Tennis elbow can often be a frustrating condition as it stops patients from being able to complete work tasks or participate in sports without pain. Our primary focus when managing tennis elbow is to get you back to doing what you love by creating an individual plan to help you return to activity quickly and safely. 


Check out our wrist and elbow video on our you tube channel below


tennis elbow exercise video